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Text Box: place it on the outside of a tooth for differential diagnosis.  This allows you to determine if the stained line we are looking at might be just some stain or potentially part of a crack.  While staining and viewing is not 100% effective, itís another tool for diagnosis of these fractures and cracks of the coronal section of the tooth.

Methylene blue is especially helpful during root end surgery for determination of the periodontal ligament, additional untreated canals and vertical root fractures.
Some folks use it for caries Text Box: Another Dovgan product concept got introduced at the Chicago Mid Winter meeting.  This one is called Vista Unit Dose Methylene Blue.  It was designed to rid the operatory of the mess which occurs when dispensing methylene blue and accidently getting it on the counter top, carpet, patients clothing Ö  For those that donít use methylene blue in your practice you might want to consider it. 

We use it for fracture and crack detection both internally in an endodontic access or under an old restotoration once itís been removed.  Sometimes I Text Box: detection, but I frequently use it in resorbative defects to deterimine if Iíve removed all the affected dentin prior to restoring the defect
In any case, call my office if youíre interested in some samples.

Plans are underway to have caries detection dye and a hemostatic agent available in the same type of unidose system within a few months.

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Text Box: fractured roots bonded with a dentin bonded resin 4-META/MMA-TBB (Superbond).

Findings: 5 of 20 teeth were considered successful for the observation period.

JDís Comments: I have yet to see a repaired vertically fractured tooth survive long term.  All the ďSuccessfulĒ in this study were only observed for 24 months or less.  They even counted a 10 month observation period as successful.  All of the ones that they observed long term failed before 45 months.  It may be possible to repair these sometime in the future but VRF is a catastrophic failure today!
Text Box: Yeast Candida albicans
Contiued from other side

JDís Comments:  Yeast may be a cause of symptoms and failure in a significant number of unfavorable responders to treatment.  Fortunately, yeast seem to be susceptible to a wide variety of irrigants.  One of the more important findings is that yeast were killed when maintained in direct contact with calcium hydroxide.  At one time it was unknown if calcium hydroxide was an effective antifungal agent.  What about the periradicular region though?
Text Box: Journal of Endodontics
Feb 2002 28(2): 120-124
Vertical root fracture in endodontically treated teeth presents difficulties for treatment and the prognosis is considered poor or unfavorable.

The incidence of VRF is about 4% according to the literature.  Some of the believed causes of VRF include:  loss of tooth structure during instrumentation, excessive pressure during obturation, over preparation of post space and forcing posts into a given space may cause VRF.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate intentional replantation of vertically Text Box: Short term evaluation of vertically fractured teeth which were dentin bonded