Text Box: lone teeth used for partials only to have the tooth extracted several years later for a variety of reasons.  This empirically showed me that interproximal contacts are important to maintain distribution of forces for long term success of endodontically treated teeth.  Now its no longer empirical, weve got proof!
Text Box: International Endodontic Journal
D Caplan, J Kolker, R Walton
Feb 2002 (35): 186-192

The aim of the present study was to test the hypothesis that having 2 interproximal contacts at access is associated with improved survival of endodontically treated teeth controlling for endodontic variables and restorative factors

This retrospective study used a treatment database from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry to identify endodontically treated permanent teeth from 19851987.  A random sample was obtained with 280 patients and 400 teeth.  
Text Box: Findings:  Teeth with 1 or zero interproximal contacts were 3 times more likely to be lost.  They also found that teeth which were not crowned were lost at a greater rate than teeth which were crowned.

Conclusion:  Teeth with 2 interproximal contacts had better survival rates than teeth with 1 or zero interproximal contacts.  Hence, the influence of interproximal contacts should be considered during treatment planning.

JDs Comments:  Ive had a gut feeling this was true.   Especially after completing treatment on Text Box: Effectiveness of Intracanal irrigants and medications against the Yeast Candida albicans
Text Box: Journal of Endodontics
J Ferguson J Hatton, J Gillespie
Feb 2002 28:(2): 6871
Endodontic literature has focused on the role of microorganisms role in pulpal and periradicular disease.  Text Box: However, there is evidence that indicates the presence of fungi in the root canal system.

The purpose of this study was to examine the in vitro susceptibility of C. albicans to various commonly used Text Box: irrigants and medications.

Findings:  Sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide,  chlorhexidine, calcium hydroxide paste, camphorated para monochlorophenol were effective antifungal agents
Text Box: Relationship between number of proximal contacts and survival of root canal treated teeth
Text Box: Special points 
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Relationship between Interproximal contacts and survival of root canal treated teeth


Effectiveness of Intracanal Irrigants and medications against yeast


Intentional replantation of vertically fractured roots repaired with dentin bonding