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If you have not, you should consider joining and either lurking or participating.  Itís an internet discussion group that focuses on endodontics.  Endodontists and dentists from around the world participate in internet time.  Some folks consider it a mini endodontic residency program and have nicknamed it ĎRoots Universityí

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See ya at Summit II or on Roots!
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Text Box: restored with MTA and covered with amalgam.    Pulpal tissues were assessed by light and electron microscopy.

Findings:  Depositation of hard tissue was found in all teeth in direct contact with the MTA at the pulp capping area.

Conclusions:  MTA stimulates hard tissue bridge formation.

JDís Comments:  This study had mechanical exposures.  Iíve used MTA with good success in these cases.  One of the best uses of this material is in carious exposures of developing teeth so keep that in mind for younger kids!
Text Box: Accuracy of Root ZX
Continued from other side

JDís Comments:  I still find times clinically that sodium hypochlorite leads to inaccurate results with Root ZX.  It happens on a weekly basis in my practice.  Thatís not to say the Root ZX is not accurate.  On the contrary, it seems to be highly accurate, oh letís say 90% of the time.  I rinse the NaOCl with hydrogen peroxide and attempt to retake lengths in those cases that seem in error.  This study used only single canal, single rooted teeth and that might be part of the problem.
Text Box: International  Endodontic Journal
D. Tziafas, O Pantelidou, A Alvanou, G Belibasakis
March 2002 35: 245-254

Direct pulp capping is a well established method of treatment.  Pulp capping is mainly indicated for REVERSIBLE pulpitis such as mechanical or physical trauma of developing and permanent teeth.  Pulpotomy is indicated in carious pulp exposure of developing teeth.

The objective of this study was to study cellular response after capping with MTA.

Mechanical pulpal exposure in dogs teeth were Text Box: The dentinogenic effect of  MTA in short term capping experiments