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June 6-9, 2002  Roots Summit II

I was fortunate to have 2 positions at Roots Summit II.  First was Corporate liason since I was one of 4 individuals who made this event successful.  Drs. Fred Barnett and Peter Canceller were also involved in this event along with Robert Gannon of Sybron.  SybronEndo was our major host/sponsor.  With 250 attendees meeting in San Diego for a 3 day conference, 4 days if you include pre conference lectures, it was oozing cutting edge endodontics.  Second, I was part of the program with my 1 hour lecture "Endodontic Diagnosis"

Check our Roots Summit II Schedule

May 2002  The new Dovgan Large Plugger/ Condensor Introduced!!!

The third in the Dovgan Condensor series compliments the first 2.  It is double ended instrument with GTX nonstick coating so it will not easily stick to gutta percha.  Instead of being made of Niti like the others, it's made of Stainless steel and is 02 tapered.  ISO sized 100 and 140.

April 18, 2002  Got our first complement from the web:


   I love your website!  It's by far the most informative and interesting site that I have found concerning dental care.  My questions were answered thoroughly and knowledgeably and I loved the wonderful animations and illustrations.  Thank you for the time and effort put into composing this helpful site.


Our goal is to be the best source of endodontic information on the web!  We appreciate the compliments.

March 21, 2002  As a cofounder of Clinical Endodontic Seminars, I'm proud to announce CES is now Nationally PACE approved!  We met strict guidelines for the Acadamy of General Dentistry approval.   Only about 300 - 400 continuing education programs are now PACE certified.

March 1, 2002 Vista Unidose Methylene Blue.  Another Dovgan concept goes to market.  I designed this because my dental assistants seem to get this everywhere and it's difficult to remove.  I thought a single use/dose prepackaged product might increase the use of methylene blue by dentists.  I use it for crack and fracture detection, resorption defect staining, and especially during surgery for making the periodontal ligament easier to see.  Available from Vista Dental at 1 (877) 418-4782 or

Feburary 11, 2002  Dovgan MTA Carriers make it to the big time!  They will be advertised in next months Journal of Endodontics by the manufacturer.

January 4, 2002  Added Cracked and Fractured Teeth Section to Endodontic Information for Patients.

December 26, 2001  G Hartzell & Son announced today they will be a distributor for the Dovgan Microscope Mirrors.  They will be available as DMM#1 and DMM#0.  See August 15th Announcement for full details.

December 24, 2001  Added several sections in Endodontic information for patients.  Specifically  Endodontic therapy (root canals), Retreatment of Endodontic therapy, and Surgical Endodontic therapy.  Still got more work to go though.

December 12, 2001  Clinical Endodontic Seminar's Microsurgical Course on Janurary 17th and 18th is sold out!!  No more space available!  Next Microsurgical course is June 3rd + 4th.  Register Now!

December 10, 2001  Updated Web with News, Employment Opportunities, Board Certification, Before your diagnosis, exam, or consultation visit to our office, financial policy, and I have insurance

October 11, 2001       First Endodontic Telesurgery from one country to another!!!

See local Channel 3 news coverage here

TeleSurgery to Caracas, Venezuela 

At 9:00AM, Thursday, October 11th, Clinical Endodontic Seminars broadcasted, via ISDN lines, a “live” Apical MicroSurgery demonstration to 500 dentists attending an endodontic meeting in Caracas, Venezuela. 

Dr. John Stropko, an endodontist in Scottsdale performed the surgery at his office.  His partner in Clinical Endodontic Seminars, also an endodontist, Dr. Joseph Dovgan, in Paradise Valley, was present in Caracas to make sure all is in order at that end and provided commentary during the procedure.

The surgical procedure was done entirely with a microscope to correct a failing root canal on a front tooth that has re-abscessed.  A small incision was made; the end of the root was surgically exposed, treated and filled to seal the canal, then sutures were placed.  The sutures were removed in 24hrs.  This same procedure can be done on almost any tooth that has been adequately prepared.  Immediately following the surgery, Dr. Stropko hosted a question-and-answer session with the Venezualan dental audience. 

Dr. Stropko was one of the pioneers of this procedure and has been performing Endodontics, utilizing a Surgical Operating Microscope for more than a decade.  It is now possible to save teeth that had problems, or situations previously considered untreatable previously. 

In order to share this knowledge with less technologically advanced countries, Drs. Joseph Dovgan and John Stropko, donated their time.  Dr. Dovgan presented a related lecture to this large group during their meeting in Caracas.  He orchestrated the technical aspects on both ends, completing all installation of the hardware in the US in conjunction with Mr. Kevin Payne of Arrow computer systems.  Mr. Payne was the technical coordinator and configured the software plus worked the equipment on the US end during the telesurgery to keep things going smoothly.  He did an outstanding job.  He also currently maintains CES's computer system.

 To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time for a live surgery to be transmitted from country to country.  Global Surgical Corp. and Vista Dental have helped to offset part of the expenses and we need to say thanks.

Different Microscopic Endodontic courses are taught at Clinical Endodontic Seminars with Drs. Stropko and Dovgan. 

September 28, 2001  Lecture to Loma Linda Endodontic Department and Graduate Students

August 15, 2001        Dovgan Microscopic Mirrors go into production!

July 3, 2001              Lecture for Roots I Summit

April 10, 2001          Dovgan 0.8 mm MTA carrier now commercially available

The Dovgan 0.8 mm outer diameter MTA carrier joins the already in production Dovgan 1.6 mm outer diameter MTA carrier.  Together, these Dovgan MTA carriers conquer the problem of placement of MTA intra-orally.  The smaller carrier can be used to place it to the base of a preparation for Root End Fillings or internal perforation repairs.  The larger one can be used to backfill and place larger quantities of MTA when needed such as in one appointment apexification cases.  Both carriers are bendable and have a Nickel Titanium wire acting as a push rod to deliver the material smoothly and predictably.   Quality Aspirators is the manufacturer of both items.  800-858-2121

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"Where caring, skill, will and technology intersect while striving for endodontic excellence."

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