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Board Certification, What does it mean

for an Endodontist?

When it comes to board certification, there are 3 categories of practicing endodonists. 

They are:

Educationally Qualified Endodontist: An endodontist who has successfully completed an advanced education program in endodontics accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the ADA.     

Board Eligible Endodontist: An Educationally Qualified Endodontist whose application and credentials have the approval of the Board.    They are in the process of the board examination process and must complete it within a specific timeframe, otherwise they lose board eligibility

Board Certified Endodontist: An endodontist who has satisfied all requirements of the certification process of the ABE, has been declared Board Certified by the Directors of the ABE, and maintains Board certification.  This individual is a Diplomate of the ABE.   


How Did You Obtain Board Certification?

To become Board Certified, the following education requirements had to met:

Education:  Must complete a postdoctoral study in an ADA approved program and has been identified with endodontics for at least for at least 4 years.

Practice:  High moral, ethical and professional qualifications are needed along with a valid license to practice endodontics.

Examinations:  A one day written exam was successfully completed that tested a broad range of subjects including anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, radiology, statistics, clinical endodontics, and related disciplines.

Submission of documentation from a variety of cases from my practice.  These were diverse and complex demonstrating exceptional knowledge, skill and expertise in the full scope of the field of endodontics.

The final phase is an oral exam.  A team of experts grill candidates about a variety of endodontic diagnosis and treatment situations.  Throughout the extensive interviews, a high level of skill in problem solving and decision making, analysis, creativity and evaluation was demonstrated.

So in a nutshell:

Board Certification is the highest level of achievement in Endodontics.  ABE Diplomate status is awarded to qualified endodontists (root canal specialists) who have demonstrated diagnostic skill, clinical proficiency, and professional judgment of a level that ensures the highest quality of care for patients. They have taken an examination administered by a panel of experts of their peers and have demonstrated an exemplary level of knowledge, understanding, and clinical expertise in endodontics.  Three exams over several years are completed which include a written exam, case submissions and finally an oral examination process.  All of these must be completed satisfactorily within a specific timeframe.   


Less than 25% of Endodontists are Board Certified and we hope it adds confidence in our office for your treatment.


What is the Value of Board Certification?

Achieving Diplomate status indicates your endodontist has demonstrated great inner motivation and exceptional commitment to continuing professional growth.  A board certified endodontist understands the importance of:

  Achieving the highest level of knowledge and skill possible.

  Continually pursuing new knowledge and experience.

  Fully understanding and applying new research and advances in the practice of endodontics, and

  Ensuring the highest possible quality of care for you, the patient.  That's what it's all about in my book.


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American Board of Endodontics




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